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Join us for one-of-a-kind adventures! If skiing is your passion, we've got you covered with exceptional tours to top European resorts, all under the guidance of an expert coach. For those who crave sun and warmth, our exhilarating sailing tours offer the perfect blend of fun and excitement during your vacation. No matter your preference, our tailored experiences cater to your desires!
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Ski tours from 600€
Ski tours with an emphasis on improving your skiing!
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Yacht tours on a sailing yacht or catamaran all around the world!
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Test your strengths and abilities in the sea!
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"All-inclusive" sea sailing!
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Spend your holiday with benefit
If you prefer to spend your holiday actively - you are welcome here! Meet the sunrises on a sailing yacht, catch fresh sea fish in the azure and clear waters of the oceans and seas. Wake up early in the morning in the mountains and spend your days perfecting your skiing skills, when each new day is a small step towards the expert level!
Our Services
We will provide you with the most comfortable stay! You don't have to worry about anything, you can leave it to us :)
Transferring your luggage is a very convenient way to get rid of the hassle of transporting it through the airports. We will load all your equipment and deliver it directly to your holiday destination. We will also meet you at the airport and take you to your place of residence.
On every ski tour you will have a coach to help you take your technique to new heights. Daily exercises on the slope, as well as regular review of video records and analysis of your mistakes.
On every trip, the skipper will be responsible for your safety and comfort on the yacht! You will have the opportunity to practice sailing on the yacht under the guidance of an experienced captain! We will guide you through the most beautiful bays and sights that will leave you breathless!
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  • Oleg Divaiev
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