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Greece: 23.10.2021 - 30.10.2021

Price FROM:
Yacht 500€/per person

Sea spearfishing!
Discover the Thrilling World of Sea Spearfishing Adventures

Sea spearfishing is an exhilarating outdoor activity that's gaining popularity worldwide. Combining physical, theoretical, and practical training, spearfishing offers an exciting challenge for enthusiasts. We specialize in organizing spearfishing tours in regions where the sport is officially allowed and can help you obtain necessary permits and licenses.

Popular Destinations

Our most popular destinations are in the Mediterranean Sea, including the Ionian, Aegean, and Adriatic Seas, with bases in Greece and Croatia.

Tailor-made Spearfishing Options

We offer three customizable options for your spearfishing adventure:

1. Stationary Base: Spearfishing takes place from a comfortable coastal villa, with hunting facilitated by a heavy sea RIB. An experienced instructor and licensed skipper will accompany you. This option is perfect for family vacations, combining beach relaxation with spearfishing and other water activities.

2. Sailing Yacht or Catamaran: Explore new locations daily on a comfortable yacht or catamaran, with spearfishing and shore excursions available. A small motor boat (dinghy) enhances your hunting experience and allows access to remote beaches and grottoes. This option is highly sought-after.

3. Yacht with RIB: Experience spearfishing on a sailing yacht or catamaran, with hunting conducted from a heavy RIB. This option offers the opportunity to hunt at greater distances and enjoy thrilling rides behind a powerful boat.

Tour Pricing

Tour costs are calculated individually, based on the chosen option, yacht, and season. A standard 7-day tour (Saturday to Saturday) on a reasonably new yacht is approximately €600 per participant.

Additional Expenses:

• Flights
• On-board expenses: transfer, fuel, meals, marina parking/mooring, water refilling, fishing license (total amount is around €200-€250 per person). Any remaining cash will be returned to the crew members.

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Elan Impression 50

We will make our trip on a yacht of this class.
Technical description:
Length: 15.18 m
Cabins: 5 (+2 places in the saloon)
WC: 2
Fresh water tank: 605 liters
Check out a video about the yacht on which our trip will take place:
Tour details:
Cabins for 2
Early booking will give you an opportunity to choose from stern and bow cabins.
Age: 0+
Our tour is suitable for all ages, both young and experienced travelers.
For large groups
When renting the entire yacht or yachts (from 8 people) - discounts are provided.
7 Days
A sailing trip in a sea paradise.
Enjoy breathtaking views as you relax after a successful hunt!
Included in the price:
  • Sailing yacht / catamaran charter
  • Accommodation in a double cabin
  • Skipper with local knowledge
  • Yacht delivery and cleaning
  • Outboard motor for dinghy
  • Medical insurance for outdoor activities
Additional expenses
  • Flight
  • On-board expenses: transfer, fuel for a yacht, meals, parking in marinas / mooring, refueling with fresh water, fishing license (total amount is about 200-250 euros per person). In case there is some cash left it's returned in equal parts to all the crew members.

Let's get acquainted: Artur and Oleg
We will be responsible for your safety and comfort on the yacht! We will guide you through the most beautiful bays and sights that will leave you breathless!
  • Artur Divaiev
    Founder, skipper
  • Oleg Divaiev
После первой же поездки я влюбилась в путешествия на яхте! Теперь хочется изведать все уголки морских просторов и кажется на это уйдет вся жизнь!
Настя, 27 years
Отметили день рождение на яхте - это было незабываемо!
Саша, 39 years, traveler.
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