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Gulets are spacious wooden sailing vessels that blend seamlessly with the picturesque landscapes of the Mediterranean Sea. As gulet trips gain popularity, they have become an attractive alternative to yacht charters or hotel stays. When renting a gulet, the price includes a professional crew to ensure a comfortable vacation.

Ranging from 15 to 30 meters in length, gulets offer impressive size and thoughtful design. Guests can relax on the spacious deck and enjoy comfortable cabins, complete with individual showers and toilets. Gulets are perfect for large groups of up to twenty people, with various options available for smaller groups.

A significant advantage of renting a gulet is the inclusion of a professional staff, who will maintain cleanliness on board, set the table, wash dishes, and perform deck work. The crew has a separate area with cabins and a kitchen, ensuring guest privacy.

Gulet charter costs cover the gulet rental (including bed linen, towels, fresh water, electricity, transit log, fuel, marina parking), and crew services. For on-board meals, two options are available: a ready-made package with three meals a day, local alcohol, and soft drinks (approx. €45 per day per person);
or an additional 30% of the gulet charter cost for provisioning, alcoholic beverages, restaurants, paid beaches, and more. At the trip's end, the captain will provide a financial report, and any remaining funds will be returned to guests, while shortages will need to be covered.

The rental price for an entire gulet ranges from €5,000 to €150,000 for 7 days, depending on your preferences.
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Traveling on a gulet, your entertainment is limited only by your imagination. You will live in a "hotel" on the water and there are no restrictions. All you need is to plan what places you would like to visit along the route, you can go to an excursion, you can just ride a bike, climb the mountains, you decide, the possibilities are endless.

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  • Health insurance
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